List Of Search Engines Other Than Google

Have you ever wondered that is Google the only search engine? Or maybe you are looking for other search engines to submit your website? Well, here is a list of search engines other than Google. If I missed any of them please let me know

list Of alternative Search Engines

1. Bing: A competitor of Google, owned & run by Microsoft.

2. Yandex: Used by people in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan & Turkey.

3. DuckDuckGo: A search engine that doesn’t track your online activity. Good choice for people with privacy concerns.

4. CCSearch: A search engine for finding images with a Creative Commons license or in Public Domain

5. Swisscows: A family-friendly search engine that respects your privacy

6. StartPage: Another search engine in favor of privacy. Uses Google results but with no cookie tracking

7. SearchEncrypt: A search engine to maintain privacy by encrypting your search query locally.

8. Giburu: It offers uncensored private search. Also has an Android & iOS app. So, search anything without getting tracked.

9.  OneSearch: Offering private search with no cookies. Also available via Android & iOS mobile apps.

10. Wiki: A search engine that pulls information from various Wikis or encyclopedias online. So, content is created by communities only.

11. BoardReader: A search engine that pulls results only from different forums, boards & communities.

12. GiveWater: A search engine made with the goal of solving the issue of lack of drinkable water & sanitation in the world.

13.  Ekoru: A search engine that donates 60% of its revenue towards mitigating the bad effects of climate change by reforestation, cleaning oceans 7 reducing CO2 footprint.

14. Ecosia: Another search engine that is helping in making the world greener. Searching on this search engine leads to planting trees.

15. Yahoo: This was one of the first search engines in the early 1990s.  However, now all of its searches are powered by Bing.

16. Baidu: A search engine specially made for China. It’s like they have their own Google just in Chinese.

17.  Another old search engine started in the year 1995 & currently holds a very less market share.

18. Twitter: It’s a social media platform but it can be a considered a search tool for finding latest news & happenings in the world.

19. Internet Archive: An archive of old websites, videos, docs & other resources. In short a library of

21. Amazon: Not exactly a search engine but I think for now it can be considered a search engine for e-commerce products selling & buying.

Search engines in table format and you can find search engines categorized into many themes available on Wikipedia’s list of search engines.

Search EngineLanguage
Google SearchMultilingual
Microsoft Bing
Yahoo! SearchMultilingual
Yandex SearchMultilingual
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