Must Have Practical Features For A Taxi Booking Mobile App

In big cities, mainly metropolitan cities where the traffic is so heavy with just a few parking spots, the concept of public transportation, bikes, buses, metros, taxis is extremely popular as it makes moving around very convenient for people. This is the reason the concept of booking taxis/cabs is exceedingly popular in the big cities and now it is even reaching small cities owning to their popularity and convenience they offer.

Today there are a number of cab/taxi booking services available out there that enable people to enjoy the benefits of riding with comfort and it eliminates all the parking & maintaining hassles that come with travelling from personal vehicle. This is the reason that taxi booking mobile apps are quite popular. And this industry is constantly going upward in the growth chart. Hence, at the moment developing their own taxi/cab booking apps are the right choice for the transportation businesses.

Must Have Practical Features For A Taxi Booking Mobile App

There are a number of online cab aggregators already considering creating their own taxi booking app and most are looking to chance upon the right cab booking app development company that can successfully craft an useful app that serves their purpose quite well. However, there are already many cab booking mobile app present in the app store, so how can you really make your app stand out?

The answer is: By offering great and unique features. It is mainly features and app design that sets an app apart from the rest. So, here let’s explore the great features that must be included in the taxi-booking mobile app.

Practical Features That You Must Include In A Taxi Booking App

Preferred Driver

This functionality in the app will allow the users to choose their preferred driver for the ride. For this option, however, it is necessary that the rider has travelled in the app before so the app will start showing an option from the next ride to select the last driver they travelled with. Or else, the user can pick the driver looking into the ratings given to them by the other users.

Shortest Route Suggestion

In this functionality, upon entering the destination, the app will start showing the driver as well as the passenger who have booked the app, the shortest possible route for their destination.

Contact Number Masking

Often app users (both riders and drivers) don’t prefer their contact number being revealed, so for this issue there can be this contact number masking option. This way mask/protect the contact number of the driver as well as rider as they make the call to each other.

Voice Message Enabled In-App Chat

It can be quite convenient, especially for the drivers to have this feature where the in-app chat functionality will have voice message enabled. This way, the app users won’t have to type ad have their hands free each time a message needs to be entered. They can simply send a voice message.

Multiple Bookings In One-Time

Often users need to make multiple bookings from the taxi app, as this functionality will allow them just that. This will make things quite convenient for the users as often they have a big family that can’t fit in a single vehicle, so for that they can have multiple booking feature and book multiple times.

Offer Monthly Subscription

Some apps only offer annual subscription feature, which often users find wasteful as there could be times or months when they don’t use the service much and hence the annual subscription plan would be wasted. In such cases, they can benefit from the monthly subscriptions.

Book A Ride For Your Friend

There are times when someone is not familiar with using taxi booking app or maybe doesn’t have the app. For such instance, Book for your friend feature can be helpful, where the app user can book the taxi for a friend.

Choose Your Ride

This feature is helpful in choosing the vehicle the rider wants for the travel. The app allows the rider to have their pick of vehicle as they need or desire.

Panic Button

This functionality works both for the driver as well as the rider. In case the rider or the driver doesn’t feel safe or smell fishy, they can instantly alert the app.

Overspeed Alert

In this feature, the app will update both riders and drivers in case the car is overspeed. So, driver will be cautious upon receiving such alert while the rider again can tell the driver to be careful or can choose to abandon the ride.

Transparent Cancellation Policy

Many times it happens that riders are trying to book a cab but due to some reason it doesn’t work at that moment and then they leave the page only to realize that the ride was anyway booked and they were charged a cancellation fee. This can be a bad experience with the app for the riders and hence there must be transparent cancellation policy integrated in the taxi booking app.

Split Fare Option

This feature when integrated into the app will be helpful when two riders book the same car. Upon the end of the travel, the fare would be split between the two riders.

These are some of the features that can make all the difference when integrated into your taxi-booking mobile app. So, apart from the general features these advanced features can make your cab booking app popular among the users.

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