SEO Consultant

Hire An SEO Expert

If you need guidance for SEO optimization & creating a digital marketing strategy for your website then Arman mathur can definitely help you. Ranking your website higher in Search Engine results will lead you to get in touch directly with your customers. You need the help of an SEO expert with experience & skills to build an SEO strategy as per your goals.

Improve Brand Presence

Apart from getting organic traffic building, an online brand is necessary for long-term success. Brand building helps you to stay platform-independent. Your customers know exactly what you offer and you don’t have to convince them to avail your services or buy products. So, an SEO consultant can help you create and increase brand awareness.

Get Better ROI

I have been helping local & international clients since 2014 to rank higher in search engines. Whether you rely on organic or paid marketing return on investment matters a lot. I can help you identify bottlenecks, funnel optimization & UI/UXn issues that can help you improve your ROI.

Why You Need SEO Consulting Services?

Most businesses think of SEO as an instant solution that can bring more leads and increase sales. However, SEO is an ongoing process & you can reap tenfold benefits in the long term. If you don’t plan to hire an SEO team or maybe you need advice on improving your SEO strategy then I can help. I can help you identify those aspects of your strategy which you can improve and get better search engine rankings. I can help you find easy to implement SEO solutions based on your individual requirements.

On-Page SEO

Through virtual meetings, I can help you analyze your site’s on-page issues and how to improve them to boost rankings. I will perform a site audit to improve site structure, layout, content placement, internal linking, redirections, structured data & more. Together we can learn and build a sustainable SEO strategy that fits your budget.

Keyword Research

I will perform keyword research based on your business goals. My job is to find easy-to-rank keywords with good volume. Analyzing your competitors will also help us find some golden keywords. You can beat the competition & increase revenue by targeting such keywords. I can help you understand the search intent behind each keyword.

Content Marketing

If you want to build an audience and grab top search engine rankings then you need to build great content. Whether it is text, video, or audio I can help you develop a content strategy to propel your business forward. Devising a content marketing plan for your website and all other alternative channels will surely boost your rankings.

Local SEO

Some businesses need to focus on local SEO as their target audience is different. I can help you optimise your GMB listing and other local directories & listings. I can help you generate business by targeting area specific keywords and getting good reviews from local customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can play a very important role in your SEO strategy if your target audience uses social media platforms. I can help you build a solid social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, Pinterest & more. With my help, you can learn how to thrive on any social media platform.

Link Building

Creating high-quality backlinks requires lots of effort & patience. I am good at identifying link-building opportunities that will help build an authoritative site in the eyes of Google. Building relevant backlinks without getting a penalty from search engines is my expertise.

Paid Marketing

Apart from organic SEO if you are inclined to focus on paid marketing then I can help you with that as well. I can help you learn to build and implement Google Ad campaigns, Facebook Ads, and run ads on other platforms like Quora, Reddit, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok.

Technical SEO

Depending on the size and scale of your website a thorough site audit can reveal a lot of technical SEO issues that can impact your ability to rank in search engines. I can help you understand the complicated technical SEO issues and how you can mitigate them to improve your website’s performance.

Online Coaching

If you want to learn SEO so that you can implement it yourselves or maybe you want to train your team then I can help you with that. I can help you learn the basics and advance SEO strategies of SEO via virtual meetings and screen-sharing tools. I can help you learn SEO in a very simple way.

Questions you might have in mind while hiring a SEO Consultant:

What strategies I will use to improve your site’s ranking in Google?

You may want to know about the kind of SEO strategies I will implement on your site and do those strategies follow Google guidelines or not. Well, the strategy chosen will depend on the type of your site, niche, competitors and how Google treats site in that industry currently. So,I can give you a brief idea just by looking at the project but for a detailed answer I will have to perform site audit and competitor analysis.

How often do you report progress, and how you measure it?

Measuring progress of SEO projects depends on what KPI’s are important to you. So, if you chose relevant keywords ranking, overall traffic and average session time as KPIs to track then the progress will be measured on their basis.

As for the reporting I think anything less than a month is not worth reporting as minor changes happen in SEO on a day to day basis. So, I prefer to provide a monthly report regarding all the steps taken and the progress we make in that time period. Although, if you want frequent reporting then we can figure out a way as well.

How do I you plan to keep me in loop about any changes to site or other steps taken?

I will provide you my email, Skype, Slack id whichever you prefer communication. As for any major changes I will send you an email for approval. For minor changes and all the steps taken on a day to day basis I can share a Google sheet with you containing all the things that we perform to improve your site’s SEO.

What is my link building strategy?

Backlinks are still a very important factor for getting a good rank in Google. I focus on getting only quality backlinks and these days don’t expect to make a lot of backlinks in a short time. Creating relevant quality backlinks will improve your site’s authority and will save you from any penalty. As for the exact strategy as I have explained to you in one of the above questions that it depends on the nature of your project.

How much time does it take to see good results after implementing a strategy?

It depends if this is a new site or it is an established one. Whether you are expecting huge changes or slow yet constant progress. After fixing any technical SEO & onpage issues in the beginning and implementing SEO strategies you can start observing some improvement in 3 months’ time. Google Core updates happen regularly which causes fluctuations and there are many other factors which in my experience put a time span of 8-9 months for getting good results. Although, this will only happen if you let me stay focused on a particular goal, and let me implement my strategy without much interference. I encourage meetings for discussing the reasons and impact of what I am doing.

Am I also providing SEO consulting services to one of your competitors?

If I am working for one of your competitors or may have worked in the past then I will let you know. Most people would like to work with an experienced SEO consultant who has worked in your industry and your competitors.

How much the whole SEO thing will cost to you?

SEO is an long term process which requires consistency to work. If you just want a brief idea of how to create a SEO strategy or content plan then hire a SEO consultant on the basis of hours. Instead of investing a lot of money at once you should invest each month a certain amount of your overall budget. For the exact price i can only tell you after i take a look at your site and your specific needs.

Which tools I usually use for improving your SEO?

I use a variety of SEO tools to perform various tasks and they change as per the requirement of the project. Whether you want to focus on backlinks, technical SEO, site speed, or local SEO it all depends on your particular needs.

Can I provide guarantee that your site will rank #1 for a particular search term?

SEo doesn’t work like that and I can not gurantee you that you will rank at a certain position for a search term. There are more than 200 raking factors and the Google algorithms are constanly changing. I can only assure you that with me working on your site you will see improvement in your rankings and you will get relevant traffic. Also, I rely on white hat SEO which may be not so fast but it ensures consistent progress without getting worried about any penalty or getting wiped out by an update.

What happens if you terminate the contract before the due date?

Yes,you can terminate your contract early. You just have to complete the payment for services provided till that and I can not gurantee you of any results in future.

Am I up to date with the latest algorithm changes?

Yes, I have been working in this industry since 2012 and I have to keep myself updated from latest happenings in the SEO industry and Google algoithms. Without getting updated about latest algorithms one will never be able to survive in this industry for long.