SEO Tools List For Digital Marketing Efforts (Updated 2022)

Are you searching for some new SEO tools to try out? or maybe you are a beginner searching for a complete list of tools and resources that could help you improve SEO for your website. I have created this post to help fellow digital marketers and bloggers to find out various tools for different SEO tasks. I have categorized these tools as per their use such as backlinking, keyword research, onpage SEO, content writing, etc.  I have tried to include only active tools with their basic pricing and will update this post every six months. If you have any other suggestions please let me know in the comments section.

Note: Before you start taking a look at the list I want to say that SEO tools are available a dime a dozen. So, I have only listed those tools which either I have used personally or maybe I find those interesting.

SEo Tools List for digital marketing

SEO Tool or Software Suites

An “SEO software suite” or “SEO tool suite” is something that combines various small tools capable of doing keyword research, rank tracking, search analysis, reporting, provide SEO  & content recommendations, track & analyze competitor website, backlink analysis, crawl site for audit, track social media & integrate with analytics tools.

So, these are all software suites for SEO. Most of them are paid but some provide a trial. Every SEO Tool suite is good at a few things and average at others. So, do your proper research before choosing one.

ToolWhat It Does?PricingWhere To Find?
SEMrushA SEO tool suite for keyword research, rank tracking, onpage audit, social media, backlinking, content improvement & ppc campaigns.Paid /
7 day free trial / Starts $119
per month
AhrefAnother popular SEO tool suite for backling research, competitor analysis, keyword research & many other tools.Paid /
7 day trial for $7 / Starts $99/month
SpyfuGreat tool for competitor research, PPC research, backlinks, keywords and tracking.Paid /
Free trial
/ Starts $39/month
LinkdexA tool suite for content outreach, backlinks and manage various aspect of your SEO strategyPaid /
Free trial
/ Starts $600/month
SerpedFor keyword research, rank tracking and backlink analysisPaid /
Starts $79/month
SISTRIXA tool used for links & keywords by SEO professionals. Paid /
14 days free trial / Starts €100/month
SearchmetricsProvides valuable insights based on industry researched dataPaid/
Starts €89/month
Moz ProMoz pro is all-in-one suite of SEO toolsPaid /
30 days free trial / Starts $99/month
Site AnalyzerSite Analyzer is all in one SEO optimizer toolPaid /
14 days free trial / Starts $29/month
AlexaA popular tool to find new competitors 7 find new opportunities.Paid /
14 days free trial / Starts $149/month
LipperheyProvides free website analysis, free keyword research & backlink dataFree /
Currently rebuilding
SeobilityProvides SEO features for keyword research, backlinks & morePaid /
Free plan for 1 project / Starts $50/month
SerpStatPerform site audit, check historical data, & competitor researchPaid /
7 days free trial /
Starts $69/month
Rank RangerMonitor & analyze your's & your competitors websitePaid /
14 days free trial / Starts $79/month
Woo RankFind new opportunities & onpage issues with site audit & other toolsPaid /
14 days free trial / Starts $59.99/month
Web CEOA digital marketing tool for SEO analysis, lead generation & reports for your websitePaid /
14 days free trial / Starts $35/month
Cognitive SEOContent analysis, backlink research and rank tracking for a website.Paid /
7 days free trial /
Starts 129.99/month
SE RankingTrack your website rankngs, find onpage errors & improve SEOPaid /
14 days free trial / Starts $31/month
Raven ToolsComplete SEO tools with comprehensive reports to show progress & performancePaid /
7 days free trial /
Starts $39/month
Unamo SEOAdvanced SEO Performance Tracking and Analytics SuitePaid /
14 days free trial / Starts $19/month
Similar WebFind the traffic stats, traffic channels & track competitors.Paid /
Free limited features /
Paid info via contact
SeoSiteCheckupTool suite for SEO analysis, keyword monitoring & competitor analysis. Paid/
Starts $24.95/month

Keyword Research Tools

This is a very important aspect of the digital marketing strategy of a website. Finding a viable niche and searching keywords with enough volume that are easy to rank is essential. There are many methods to keyword research and finding easy keywords is an art. These keyword research tools provide a rough estimate of keywords and their volume so you have to take everything with a pinch of salt. With enough time spent on creating SEO projects, you will gain experience which will help you judge the value of a keyword.  So, if you are looking for a new resource to find keywords here are some ideas.

ToolWhat It Does?PricingWhere To Find?
Google Keyword PlannerAn excellent tool by Google for keyword research with CPC data.FreeKeywordPlanner
Keyword EverywhereA browser extension which shows you related keywords. 1 credit = 1 keyword Paid /
Starts $10 for 100000 credits
Keyword SurferAnother browser extension for keyword research from SurferSEOFreeSurferSEO
WMS EverywhereA browser extension that lets you find new keywords while your surfFreeWhatsmyserp
UbersuggestA tool by Neil Patel for keyword research, rank tracking. A fairly new SEO software suite.Paid /
7 day free trial /
Starts $12/month
Wordstream's Keyword ToolsIt is paid tool that you can use for keyword analysis and long-tail keyword research.Paid /
Starts $49/month
Seed Keywords EngineA very unique tool to find valuable keyword suggestions from real people based on a seed keyword or search scenario.FreeSeedKeywords
Bulk Keyword GeneratorA bulk keyword generator for local businesses which generates keyword suggestions based on templates.FreeBulkKeywordGenerator
Keyword Grouper ProIt is a good tool when you have lots of keywords and you want to divide them into relevant categories or groups.FreeKeywordGrouper
Keyword ShitterA tool to find various combinations of new keywords.FreeKeywordShitter
YTCockpitPerforms keyword research and keyword tracking for Youtube only.Paid /
Wincher Rank TrackerA tool for rank and keyword tracking. Offers 14 days trial at no cost.Paid /
14 day free trial /
Starts €10/month
SECockpitAnother tool for keyword research and tracking.Paid /
7 day free trial /
Starts $39/month
Power Suggest ProA downloadable software for keyword research and finding new nichesPaid /
$57 Lifetime License
Keyword Tool DominatorA keyword research software to find keywords for Amazon, Bing search, eBay, Etsy, Google, Walmart, and YouTubePaid /
Price ranges from $29 to $139
SoovleA cool and innovatie customizable search engine that provides keyword suggestion from different search engines like Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, Youtube at one place.FreeSoovle
LSI Keyword GeneratorFind longtail and semantically related keywords with this tool.Paid /
Starts $27/month
Keyword RevealerAnother keyword research tool to find long tail keywords.Paid /
Free with limited options /
Starts $9.97/month
KWFinder MangoolsA nice tool by Mangools for keyword and backlink research.Paid /
Starts $49/month
SEOmonitorA tool for keyword research, management and rank tracking. Paid /
Starts $238/month
AlsoAsked.comA nice keyword research tool offering keywords in a graphical flowchart.Free /
Currently Beta Access
AnswerThePublicA keyword research tool that can improve on Google autosuggest feature.Paid /
Limited Free Searches / Starts $99/month
SemscoopFind variety of keywords with historical data & volumePaid /
Free plan with limited searches /
Starts $9/month
Long Tail ProAnother tool you can try to find long tail keywords for SEO. Paid /
Starts $37/month
KeywordTool.ioFinds keyword based on Autocomplete feature of Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, etc.Paid /
Starts $89/month
Google TrendsA fantastic tool to discover trends and find new keywords. FreeGoogle Trends
Scout SuggestFind related keywords, phrases, synonyms and questions Paid /
7 day free trial /
Starts $49/month
SEODataVizIt does keyword research based on NLP and using various API'sCurrently in BetaSEODataViz

Some FAQ’s regarding keyword research

Is keyword research necessary? Are they relevant for success in SEO?

Yes, keyword research is necessary and relevant for SEO.  Some of the pages or blog posts you find on Google might not seem like they are targeted for a particular keyword. However, as per my experience if your keyword research is on point and content is optimized for that keyword then chances of ranking higher increase dramatically. So, don’t ignore keyword research.

What is the best free keyword research tool?

The best keyword research tool is a myth. Each tool has its own plus point and you can use a combination of tools for keyword research. For example, I use Google Autosuggest, Keyword Surfer, WMS Everywhere, & Semrush in combination for finding easy to rank keywords. Your keyword research game will get better with time and experience. With enough experience and working in a particular niche, you will be able to judge whether with your site authority you can rank on a particular keyword or not. So, there is no best just pick one of these and get started with your SEO journey.

Are there any free keyword tools? & Do they work?

Yes, there are a lot of free keyword research tools as you see in the above list. If you don’t have a budget to invest in a paid keyword research tool then free tools work fine as well. You just have to learn how to use them and judge whether a keyword is relevant and useful to your site niche.

How accurate are keywords research tools?

Most keyword research tools provide you data based on various sources. Sometimes, they are inaccurate but you can use them as a guideline. You don’t need to accurate all the time just get an idea about a keyword volume, CPC, search intent, and difficulty.  Don’t go buying or using a lot of keyword research tools, instead focus on one or two tools and refine your keyword research process.

How do keyword research tools work?

Every keyword research tool has its own method or algorithm to judge the difficulty of keywords. As for the data they rely on AdWords API, third-party sources like GrepWords, Click Stream Data, etc. So, they pull data from different sources, crawl the web through their own bots, apply their own algorithm, and then you get the refined data through a dashboard with a nice UI.

Can we do keyword research manually?

If by manually you mean without using any tool then you can use the Alphabet soup method by Income School but that is a very lengthy process. Also, relying on software or tool for keyword research is never a good idea. Just use some free extensions and use your intellect and experience to judge the quality of a keyword.

Content Writing & Editing Tools

Here are some tools, software & extensions that will help you get content ideas, write better and optimize content for your website. Writing better takes time, patience & lots of learning so don’t get discouraged too early. Check out these tools and you may find something helpful.

ToolWhat It Does?PricingWhere To Find
TextmetricsContent optimization tool using AI PaidTextmetrics
KillDuplicateMonitor your website for duplicate content & stop plagiarism by othersPaid /
Starts €19/month
CopyscapeFind if your content is plagarized & compare content between urlsPaid /
Free with limited queries each month
GrammarlyA tool for grammar checking & content improvementPaid /
Free with limited features /
Starts $11.66/month
ContentbirdContent optimization & Paid /
Free trial /
Starts €100/month/user
BuzzsumoFind new content ideas, discover influencers & morePaid /
30 days free trial /
Starts $99/month
TextCleanrClean your copied text of unnecessary elements before pastingFreeTextCleanr
easel.lyCreate engaging visuals like infographic & reports based on contentPaid /
Free with limited options /
Starts $2
StoryBaseFind content ideas for your content startegyPaid /
14 day free trail /
Starts $49/month
Convert Word Documents to Clean HTMLConvert word to clean html docsFreeWordToHTML
RelevancyRankCheck content relevancy and improve website contentnTopic is moving To Relevancy Rank so Pricing unknownRelevancyRank
Text ToolsA tool to optimize content through semantic analysisPaid /
Starts $37/month

If you want to write quality content then you must focus on doing extensive research on the topic. If you work in the same industry or have knowledge about it then this makes the task very easy. If you outsource your content then hiring a person with relevant industry experience can justify the money spent. A few things to keeping mind while doing content creation

  • Do thorough research
  • Create a detailed outline or content structure
  • Include other media like images, video, infographic, or audio
  • Proofread
  • Interlink to relevant articles
  • You can also use audio to text software like Otter for faster writing

SEO Reporting and Analytics Tools

SEO is very simple but it takes a lot of effort and time to reap the fruits of your labor. One thing that makes SEO interesting to me is the ability to go through the acquired data, analyze it and gain insights. Those insights help me in judging whether the strategy is working or not. So, data analysis is a very essential thing and it helps us to understand user behavior, improve CTR, improve conversions, increase average session time and optimize our sales funnel. So, these analytics tools help you to gather useful data about a variety of metrics, and then you can analyze them to get better results.

ToolWhat It Does?PricingWhere To Find?
Google AnalyticsA must have tool for tracking traffic, goals, conversions & other metrics on your websiteFree /
Paid plan for Large Enterprise Users
Google Analytics
Google Search ConsoleA free tool by Google to measure site performance, fix issues & view indexed links. FreeSearch Console
Google Data StudioA very nice tool by Google that helps you understand gathered data in easy manner throuugh visualizations Free /
Paid when using Third Party data connectors
Googgle Data Studio
Bing WebmasterAn alternativce of Search Console for Bing Search engine Freebing Webmaster
SEOmonitorA reporting and keyword tracking tool for managing multiple websitesPaid/
Offers free trial/
Starts €198/month
Stat CounterAn analytics alternative for people whop want to avoid Google analyticsFree upto 500 pageviews
/Paid starts at $9/month for 100,000 page views
MatomoAn alternative to Google analytics tracking for people concerned about privacyFree hosted on your server with limited features/ Paid starts $35/month hosted on their serverMatomo
Simple AnalyticsNo cookie tracking and privacy focused analyticsPaid/
Starts $19/month
Simple Analytics
JeptoA tool for website monitoring and automating data analysisPaid/
Starts $49/month/
Offers free trial
FintezaComprehensive traffic analytics and marketing campaigns management tool Paid/
Starts $25/month
Adobe AnalyticsAdobe Analytics for ecommerce site tracking to show customizable visualizations based on data. Some aspects like user pathing and reporting are better than Google Analytics Get in touchAdobe Analytics

Technical SEO Tools & Other Utilities

Another important and interesting part of SEO is technical SEO. Technical SEO is the process of optimizing a website’s technical aspects to suit the requirements of search engines. It involves things like optimizing page redirects, HTML/CSS code, header responses, sitemaps, page speed, user interface, caching, crawling, rendering, indexation, etc. It has nothing to do with content, backlinks, keywords, or social media marketing. As per my experience optimizing your site’s technical SEO can help you get better results in the long term. For a small site, there are not many issues but when we work on a large e-commerce site then technical SEO becomes very important. So, here are a few tools that will help you find technical SEO errors and resolve them.

ToolWhat It Does?PricingWhere To Find?
Screaming FrogA very useful tool to crawl your site as a spider and find onpage & technical issues Free upto 500 URL's/
Paid £149.00 Per Year
Screaming Frog
Robots.txt AnalyzerA simple way to test robots.txt code if you don't have access to the search console. You willfind a few other useful tools as well.FreeRobots.txt Validator
BotifyBotify is an SEO crawler & analytics that can help you in optimizing your website. Paid/
Contact to find out
Test My SiteA free tool by Google to provide suggestions to improve based on your site speed and performance.FreeTest My Site
Robots GeneratorThere are many free tools out there for this task but i like this one to generate robots.txt fileFreeRobots.txt Generator
BuiltWithA very useful tool to find out the technology of a competitor site is built on.Free for individual site lookups/
Paid starts $295/month
HTTP Header CheckerA nice tool to check status codes, response headers, & redirect chains for URL'
HREFLANG Tags GeneratorAn easy way to create HREFLang when you are in a hurry FreeHREflang Tags Generator
XML Sitemaps GeneratorA pretty simple tool that you can use to geneerate sitemap upto 5oo URL's for free.Free upto 500 URL's/
Paid from $3.49/month
XML Sitemap Generator
DeepCrawlA technical SEO crawler to find errors and analyze URL's of a website with lots of URL'sPaid/
Contact to find out
XenuA nice free tool for creating sitemaps, check broken URL's, redirections for large sitesFreeXenu
OnCrawlAn SEO crawler and log analyzerPaid/
49€ per month/
14 days free trial
Htaccess Redirects & Rewrite GeneratorA great tool by Aleyda Solis for writing htaccess redirect rulesFreeHtaccess Redirects & Rewrite Generator
Microdata GeneratorA simple tool to generate microdata for local businessFreeMicrodata Generator
SitelinerA great tool to find duplicate content, broken links, & creating a sitemapFree upto 500 URL's/
Paid Contact to find out
SeoptimerAn SEO audit & reporting tool Paid/
Starts at $19/month/
free trial
Rich Results Test ToolPreviously known as structured data testing tool provided by GoogleFreeStructured Data Testing Tool
Google SERP Snippet Optimization ToolA simple yet very useful tool to create meta title, descriptions & urlsFreeRich Test Results
ContentKingAn SEo auditing and monitoring toolPaid/
Starts at $39/month
Mobile-Friendly TestA way to check your website mobile friendlinessFreeMobile Friendly
PulnoA toolfor SEO audit, site content analysis, Free upto 200 pages/
Paid starts at $12/month
Schema GeneratorA simple tool to create various types of Schema codesFreeSchema Generator
SitebulbAn online web crawler for technical audit of websitePaid/
Starts at £10 + VAT /month
Redirect DetectiveIn case you want to check the redirection path of a URLFreeRedirect Checker
MobileMoxie SERPeratorA tool to check and test your site performance on mobile devicesPaid/
Starts $29/month
Mobile Moxie
SiteAnalyzerA collection of SEO tools to audit and improve your site SEO Paid/
Starts at $29/month
Site Analyzer
SSL CheckerA simple tool to test the validity of an SSL certificateSSL Checker
ToolWhat it Does?PricingWhere To Find?
Ahrefs Backlink CheckerA free version of their tool by Ahrefs for checking backlinks Free/
Paid starts $99/month/
7 day free trial
Ahrefs Backlink Checker
Moz Link ExplorerA tool by MOZ for finding backlinks and other SEO tasksPaid/
Starts at $99/month/
30days free trial
WebMeUpA toolfor backlink rtesearch with a huge databse of linksFremiumWebMeUp
Monitor BacklinksA tool to monitor and analyze backlinks for your projectsPaid/
SEO Spyglass/PowersuiteA part of SEO powersuite tool that can be downloaded for backlink auditFree/
Paid starts at $99/year
SEO SpyGlass
OntoloA prospecting tool for backlinks and other SEO oppportunitiesPaid/
Help A Reporter OutA tool to connect journalists with info providers.It can get you valuable backlinksFree/
Paid starts at $19/month
LinkodyA nice toolto track backlinks and find new link opportunitiesPaid/
Starts at $14.90/month
MajesticAnother popular tool for implementing link building strategies Free/
Paid starts at $49.99/month
Majestic SEO
Link ProspectorA scraper for finding link building prospects Paid/
Starts at $47/month
Link Prospector
Remove'emA tool to remove unnatural and spam links Paid/
Starts at $99/month
rmoovA tool for removing unwanted backlinksFree/
Paid starts at $49/month
PitchboxA link building and outreach toolPaid/
Contact to find out
ScrapeBoxA scraper for keyword scraping and link prospectingPaidScrapebox
Open Link ProfilerA link audit tools works great although with a small link databaseFree limited version/
Paid starts at $69.95/month
PostagaA link building and outreach toolPaid/
Starts $99/month
KerbooA backlink monitoring and backlink audit softwarePaid/
Starts at £249/month
URL ProfilerA software to audit backlinks and their metrics in bulk Paid/
Starts $29.95/month
URL Profiler

Some FAQ’s regarding backlinks

Are Backlinks still important in 2022?

Yes, backlinks are still important for better rankings in 2022 and they are going to stay relevant for many years to come. The search engine algorithms have changed a lot but they still rely heavily on backlinks for judging a site’s authority. The Google page rank algorithm is part of the overall mechanism of ranking sites. So, as long as you are making high-quality and nice relevant backlinks they will help you gain a better footing in SERP’s. Google is now able to read text mentions as well, so if you get yourself mentioned on a big authoritative site then it would also work in your favor.

What are high-quality backlinks?

A backlink that looks naturally acquired, comes from a highly reputable website, from niche relevant content with an anchor text that is useful for the reader is considered a good quality backlink. For example, you are an SEO consultant who wrote a guide on “How to create a blog or website?” and that article was linked in an article from SearchEngineJournal with the anchor text in a sentence “you may find this guide useful for creating a blog easily” then this will be a good backlink for you.

How do I get quality backlinks in 2022?

There are a lot of techniques and strategies to help you get high-quality backlinks. The success rate of your strategy depends on your experience, site authority, the efficacy of implementation, time and money invested into it. Getting backlinks organically is very difficult yet if you have the right digital marketing team then they can improve the chances of that by creating link-worthy quality content.

How many backlinks per day is safe?

The number of backlinks per day to make depends on a lot of factors. If you one of your blog post or product has gone viral then you will amass a lot of backlinks in less time. This is normal if you have genuinely managed to go viral. However, if you have a news website and you spend a lot of money to get a lot of backlinks in a short period of time then this would look unnatural in the eyes of Google. So, the frequency of building backlinks should mimic a natural link profile in that niche. Maintain link diversity and maintain a consistent pace. Anything unnatural or spammy behavior in acquiring backlinks will lead to an SEO penalty.

What is a good number of backlinks?

There is not a definite number of backlinks to gain. Just try to get quality and relevant backlinks and build a better backlink profile than your competitor.

How do I know if my backlinks are toxic?

Run a backlinks audit with an SEO tool and check for backlinks which

  • are from non-relevant niches and posts
  • from unindexed and spammy sites
  • backlinks from spam backlink comments or an overly promotional anchor text

These are some of the factors that make a backlink toxic for your website.

Rank Tracking Tools

Tracking your targeted keywords will help you understand what kind of content and strategy work in your niche. Targeting all the keywords is not necessary but there should be few focus keywords that should be tracked. The ups and downs in your keyword rankings help you understand the impact of minor and major changes you do to your site. Also, when a Google update happens you can measure its impact on your site. So, here are a few tools that make the task of rank tracking very easy.

ToolWhat It Does?PricingWhere To Find?
Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)A nice tool for rank tracking & other features like keyword research & site auditPaid/
Starts at $49/month
STAT Search AnalyticsAn enterprise level tool for rank tracking Paid/
Contact to find out
Get Stat
AMZ TrackerA rank tracker to track your position on Amazon product pagesPaid/
Starts at $50/month
AMZ Tracker
Authority LabsA reliable and accurate software for SEO rank trackingPaid /
14 days free trial / Starts $49/month
GeoRankerA tool to track your rank based on targeted geolocationPaid/
Starts at $99/month
Pro Rank TrackerAnother rank tracking tool with nice UIFree limited version/
Starts at $13.5/month
SerpfoxA simple easy to use rank trackerFree limited version/
Paid starts at $10/month
NightWatchRank tracking with a nice UI SEO dashboardPaid/
Starts at $24/month

Speed Optimization and Speed Testing Tools

Speed has been one of the factors in SEO for a long time but now it has become more prominent with the Google page experience update. Speed & better loading of your site will act as a tie-breaker between you and your competitor with other similar SEO metrics. Apart from pleasing Google fast site speed will also help you provide a better experience to your users. Better UX is a very important factor in certain niches and a slow loading page could lead to loss of revenue. So, here are a few tools to help you measure and improve your site speed.

ToolWhat it Does?PricingWhere To Find?
Google Page Speed InsightsTest your site for speed via lab & field data & optimize for better UXFreePageSpeed Insights
ChromeDevTools / LighthouseA very simple yet effective tool to test and optimize your site speedFreeLighthouse
ThinkWithGoogleMeasure your site speed and performance on Mobile FreeThinkWithGoogle
GTMetrixTest your site speed and get recommendations on what can be improvedFree/
paid starts at $10/month
Pingdom Site SpeedAnother tool to get an idea about your site speedFree/
Paid starts at $15/month
Uptrends Speed Testmake sure your site is fast and working at duifferent locationsFreemiumUptrends
WebPageTestA nice tool to test and compare speed of multiple sitesFree/
Paid starts at $9.89/month

Local SEO Tools

Getting a business ranked online for a particular geographical area can become pretty tough if there are competitors making good efforts on the SEO side. Local SEO is always challenging but if done properly will lead to a lot of leads to a business. So, here are a few tools that could boost your efforts for local SEO.

ToolWhat It Does?PricingWhere To Find?
Moz LocalA tool by MOZ to manage and optimize local listingsPaid/
Starts at $129/year
WhitesparkA wide range of tools & services for local SEo optimizationPaidWhitespark
Google Business ListingA must have tool by Google for local lead generation & SEOFreeGMB
BrightLocalA wide variety of tools combined for local SEO of a businessPaid/
Starts at $29/month
YextAnother tool to manage local citations and listings at one placePaidYext

Browser, CMS, Excel Plugins & Extensions

As an SEO consultant, my browser is equipped with a lot of simple extensions like Keyword Surfer, Similar Web, Tag Assistant, SEO Quake, Moz, Grammarly, etc. These extensions make it easy for checking out metrics or doing simple tasks without spending any money. So, I think some of these extensions might help you in the SEO journey.

ToolWhat It Does? PricingWhere To Find?
LinkParser Firefox add-onA Google chrome & firefox extension to check links status of a webpageFreeLink Parser
Open SEO Stats Chrome extensionGet a brief idea of page backlinks, traffic & other SEO statsFreeOpenSEOStats
Google SitekitProvides analytics, adsense and other Google products metrics inside Wordpress dashboardFreeSiteKit
Yoast Wordpress pluginOne of the many SEO plugins for meta title, descxriptions, schema, interlinking, etc.Free/
Paid starts at $89/year for1 site
RankMath Wordpress pluginA new wordpress SEO plugin top optimize basic SEO of postsFree limited/
Paid starts at $59/year
Tag Assistant LegacyAn extension by Google for testing firing tags on a pageFreeTag Assitant
New Tag AssistantNow check tags of any website with this new tool provided by GoogleFreeNew Tag Assistant
SeoTools for ExcelA very great tool for SEO experts who like to work in excel in Windows system Paid/
14days free trial
SEOTools for Excel
Hreflang Tag CheckerA simple extension to find href lang tags on a pageFreeHREF Lang Tag Checker
SERPTrendsTracks changes in terms yopu regularly search in seaarch enginesFreeSERP Trends
Google LighthouseAudit your site for accessibility, speed, seo, pwa & performanceFreeLighthouse
User-Agent Switcher for ChromeCheck your website displya in various browsersFreeUser Agent Switcher
SEOquake Chrome extensionCheck SEO metrics for any page instantlyFreeSEO Quake
Highlight Link Types BookmarkletCheck the types of links on a page ugc, sponsored, or nofollowFreeHighlight Link Types
Link Redirect TraceHelps you check for 301, 302, & javascript redirects for a linkFreeRedirect Trace
Detailed SEO Chrome ExtensionThis extension helps you view schema, heading tags and other page lvel insights useful for SEOFreeDetailed SEO
Mailtrack extensionA nifty tool to track emails and clicks on your in mail linksFree limited version/
Paid starts at $4.99/month
Search Analytics for SheetsPull data from Google search console into Google Sheets to analyzeFreeSearchAnalytics For Sheets
MozBarCheck Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) & Spam ScoreFreeMOZBar
SEOGadget for ExcelCombine data from Majestic SEO, Moz, Grepwords in excel sheetsFreeSEO Gadget Excel
Similar Web ExtensionCheck any site's traffic, traffic sources & other related metricsFreeSimilar Web

Useful SEO Tools Made By Google

Google provides a lot of services and tools which could make the life of an SEO expert very simple. For example, I heavily use Google Sheets and Data Studio to keep track of tasks and analyze large amounts of data gathered from search console and analytics.

ToolWhat It Does? PricingWhere To Find?
Google AlertsSet alerts for keywords to get relevant news and updatesFreeGoogle Alerts
Google TrendsUse this to find new keywords based on trends and validating niche ideasFreeGoogle Trends
Google AnalyticsTrack your website, improve conversion rate, monitor metrics, user behavior & moreFree/
Paid for enterprise level users
Google Analytics
Google Search ConsoleView impressions, page speed, links, & other metrics helpful for improving site performance in Google SERPFreeSearch Console
Google Data StudioLink this tool to various data sources to analyse & find insights through dashboardsFreeDataStudio
Test My SiteTest your site for issues and make changes to get better Ui/UXFreeTest My Site
Structured Data Testing ToolTest your site schema and get rich results bin SERPFreeRich Results
PageSpeed InsightsOptimize your website as per Google's core webs vitals criteria FreePage Speed Insights
Mobile-Friendly TestCheck your site look and feel for mobile devices FreeMobile Friendly Test

Productivity Tools For SEO

There are a plethora of tools like Asana, Todoist, and more that can help you manage multiple projects. These help in assigning tasks and collaborating with clients.  I try to keep everything simple and I don’t manage a lot of sites at once so I don’t need to use an expensive productivity tool for SEO yet. So, here are a few tools that help me in managing one to five websites at once.

ToolWhat It Does?PricingWhere To Find?
Google SheetsA lifesaver for keeping track of content creation, backlink, keyword research & anything else...FreeGoogle Sheets
TrelloA tool to create boards with descriptive lists... Use it for content management & collaborate with teamsFree upto 10 boards/
Paid starts with $12.50/month
DiscordA nice tool to make a commmunity and share your knowledge & learn from othersFree/
Paid starts at $9.99/month
Google KeepA note taking app integrated with gmail...easy way to take short notes or make to do listsFreeGoogle Keep

Miscellaneous Tools

This list is quite short but some of these are useful for SEO.

ToolWhat It Does?PricingWhere To Find?
Snippet OptimizerA handy tool when you create meta title, description & URL for a page FreeSEOMofo
MozCastKeep an eye out on the algo changes and SERP features on GoogleFreeMOZCast
Multiple URL OpenerIn case you want to open multiple URLs at onceFreeURL opener
BrowseoSee your website from the perspective of Google botFreeBrowseo
Whois LookupFind out where a domain is hosted, domain age and who the owner isFreeWhois
Wayback MachineTake a look at archived pages of websites and how they progressed over timeFreeWeb Archive

There are a lot of SEO tools lists on the internet that are vaster than this one and maybe more useful. However, I tried to include SEO tools that are useful and many of them I have used myself. I will add or remove any tool depending on its usefulness. If you have any suggestions regarding adding to removing any SEO software then please let me know in the comments section.

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I am Mat an experienced digital marketer and seo consultant working in this industry since 2012.

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